From The Author

It’s etched on everything I own and everything I am.  In my former life, I had a name, now I have no reason to even remember it.  I’m just a breathing number, a mere possession of the state.

Losing your freedom can only be equated to a disease ravaging your body.  Once it slips past a certain point, it is virtually impossible to get back.  The only thing left for most people in this position is to stare endlessly at the ceiling looking for answers…I never found them.

This occurs night after sleepless night before the darkness sadistically attempts to wreak havoc on your sanity, especially after there are no more “what ifs” to wonder about.

The last step in this process is something that robs your soul right from underneath you.  I guess you could say, I was on the brink until I realized they could steal my body, but not my words…