A Tough One to Explain

Now after putting him in prison and taking him off his much needed medication, the guy constantly thinks people are plotting against him, me included. What the hell did the state think was going to happen? True, he is not doing the shuffle and true, he actually shows far greater intelligence than a lot of other inmates, but paranoid skitzo people are not exactly all dumb. After having one of his little “incidents” as we will call it, he decided to tell ‘em he was going to attack me in the yard and he actually did! Crazy people – in case you didn’t know – are kind of strong, but thankfully I am not as old as I thought I was and was able to chase him around a little bit. Think old school Batman, “Kapow-Bam-Boom” before crazy got rescued by a few C.O.’s and I got handcuffed for the billionth time!

In the end, I sat in my cage for a month getting my meals through a slot in the bars. I managed to gain ten pounds, from not smoking and eating too many mayonnaise sandwiches, and the state saved about three dollars in not medicating someone who truly needs it.

I can end this with this: N.Y.S. Department of Corrections saves three bucks on their budget, one old convict gained weight from eating too much mayo, and a crazy person was able to have a nice month long conversation with the brown people swimming in his toilet bowl.

And the winner is… no one.