Always the Bad Guy

That night, several of my friends came to my house to inquire why I shot the flower shop up. They let me know the extent of the damages were as follows: two blown away wandering Jew hanging baskets, one potted yucca tree, bullet ridden cash register, holes into the ceiling right through the now leaking roof, and for my final shot, a fire sprinkler spitting out what looked like old black goo.

Since the masses assumed the only explanation could be that I must have been using drugs as I did this, I was asked to pay a grand total in damages close to $5,000. Also, since I was using drugs which could negatively influence my friend staying sober, he and I would call it a day no longer speak nor socialize.

The moral of the story is… well there really is no moral to it. But, If you ever try to help a friend in need, never try to shoot a drunken monkey.