Let Freedom Ring

Then, taking into account my current living situation, how could I leave out that fateful September day when the uprising at Attica resulted in the deaths of forty-three people. It was deemed the bloodiest encounter amongst Americans since the Civil War (Bantam Books Ed 1972). Yet,  I still could not understand how “civil” could be used when explaining such a senseless tragedy.

On this memorable day, when we pray for sunny skies, many of us forget we are able to do as much because of the sacrifices of many. Our “God given right” as we choose to call it; but in this case the big guy upstairs had nothing to do with any of it.

The truth is WE fought for each and every one of those rights. WE, indivisible, fought to be free from tyranny. WE the people, fought to be free from a mad king and, after a dream, WE fought to be free from oppression. Even while in our nation’s prisons. We can openly pray to whatever god we choose to call our own. This includes my dear friend’s Jewish wife who helped pray for sunshine. Highways were erected, airports were connected, and as Americans, WE are free to travel them whenever we please.

Currency was created with the images of our founding fathers, which WE all readily accept, especially after one of them established all men were created equal. This includes our children, who were to be educated to our highest standards, some with the proceeds from our lotto millions. After all, just as our forefathers have done before us, they were destined to shape our nation’s future.

However, somewhere along the lines of what the creators of our Constitution had planned for us, something went horribly astray. Now comes the question if our freedom is just an illusion? Someone should ask any of the almost 3 million people locked in one cage or another across our once free country. This is  the equivalent of putting a wall directly through midtown Manhattan, then telling whoever was behind it they could not leave.