Let Freedom Ring

Most of us remember the story of Paul Revere, warning us the British were coming. Who will do the same when the enemy of our freedom is ourselves? Every time something does not go as planned, someone has to be held accountable, and punished. When this is allowable, people quickly stop taking risks.

Drones will soon fly through the air and spy on Americans on our own soil. This after the process of getting on a plane is the equivalent of being searched after a prison riot. The only consolation, is whether a live operator answers your phone call or not, someone is definitely listening.

Our Federal Reserve Bank is not actually a part of our own government, but several separate banking institutions. This after one percent of Americans already control the other ninety-nine percent using legal loopholes to avoid paying taxes. Our children read outdated books, after walking past a gauntlet of security. Their knapsacks travel on the same metal detectors used in most prisons I have resided in. That is, if their school was not already slated to make room for a new high rise.

Our elderly and infirm often go to sleep hungry or ill. After contributing to this country for a lifetime, their basic staples of life are not available to them. The hospitals that used to care for them in their times of need have been closed for cutbacks.

Our First Amendment is used by people with other agendas, some even protest our fallen by chanting, “God hates soldiers.” I am a true believer in freedom of speech; after all, I am able to write this from a jail cell. However, what these low-lifes are forgetting is it’s only because of our past suffering and human loss that they are able to protest. Maybe they should try this in North Korea and see how well it works out for them.

So next time you are about to enjoy a sporting event, and the jets thunder across a clear blue sky as you recite our National Anthem. Right when you get to, “the home of the brave” part, sing a little louder – and hold your loved ones a drop tighter. It seems this is all we have left.