The Neighbors

Next he inquires if inmates can marry inmates. “Gee Pete, if you mean with another dude, I doubt that would be a problem. However, I think they keep the chicks on death row in single cells, but hey, for the price of a stamp you can write the warden and ask if you can double bunk.” Just think, if they had a child it could really get cute; especially around Halloween when the kid wants to dress up like a fireman, that should be good for a chuckle or two.

“Be careful crossing the street honey and make sure you take duct tape and chloroform.”

What would the kid ask for on his birthday? “Mommy can I have another box cutter or maybe a pistol?” “Sure sweetheart, just hold the blade the way I showed you and don’t shoot any of your little friends, unless you have an alibi.

Before I put my headphones back on and return to my legal endeavors, remember this story prior to your next weekly get together or block party. After you put it all in perspective, you can pull up lounge chairs for you and your spouse, and split a bowl of chips and dip as you watch the police club the guy next door like Rodney King.

But hey, at least you can always move to another Neighborhood.