Potholes of the Soul

For those of you that read it,  “The Epiphany” was a life altering true story brought on by a simple seagull. If someone were to tell me my entire outlook on life would have changed five minutes prior to this transpiring, I quickly would have asked them who was selling drugs in the prison yard.

In those days, a delusion attached to the munchies would have been a good start to my day; but my morning ways and part of my soul were altered witnessing this epic struggle for freedom. To be honest, I’m still not certain if it was a blessing or a curse.

After being caged for decades, you would assume I would be able to relate to “The Bird Man Of Alcatraz” after all we both could see things from a convicts point of view. Instead I can tell you for certain, the sparrow was just something convenient to be cherished by the actor  as a cockroach would not have been as cute.

In my situation – like The Birdman’s – there’s not a large selection of things to care for. Since I work for lawns and grounds, you would think there would be some type of wildlife to adopt, but there is not a single blade of grass in my work area. The grounds consist of what amounts to a giant sand box. I can only guess it was designed to keep the pedophiles in there natural surroundings. The perk is it gets me out of my cage for an hour a day, and when I am done, I can take a hot shower by myself.

However, because of the record snowfalls in Dannemora, it’s one of those jobs no convicts that can work anywhere else wants, shower or not. This means every undesirable inmate is assigned to it. I will admit, at times prior I really didn’t play well with others either. If you added up our indictments, there are 15 life sentences, and well over 200 additional prison years between 6 of us. Most have multiple life sentences and not a chance of ever seeing the free world again.