To Tell The Truth

Each one of the five suspects had to implicate the other, so the police mixed it up and kind of free styled the tapes. Two or three were accused of physically raping the women, the rest participating in various ways.

Here is what pissed me off enough to write about it. They had five taped confessions and got five different stories. Then, after the DNA came back, didn’t anyone ever stop and wonder why none of the five were present? I mean if they actually raped someone, wouldn’t there be a transfer of fluids? Or maybe they were like the “Merry Maids” of rapists who leave the place spotless on the way out. Either that or at fourteen, they had an amazing ability to refrain from ejaculating. But since it was five kids that had absolutely no impulse control, that’s a hard one (no pun intended) to believe.

Then Matias Reyes comes forward from prison and like a happy train wreck, and admits everything. First to the deaf guy, who could not believe what he thought he was hearing, then to the police who still didn’t think the five were innocent. Even after Reyes revealed details the police didn’t know about and the five got wrong! Oh yeah, and his DNA was a perfect match to boot.

The five had already been through hell and back, as I can tell you firsthand, rapists do not do well in prison. To make matters worse, considering their age, I am more then sure they fought off, or maybe could not fight off, those who like young boys on a regular basis. To top it all off the C.O.’s – who are mostly white – do not take to kindly to inner city kids raping a white woman.