To Tell The Truth

Oh, and by the way, I knew Reyes as I spent several years with him in the same prison block. After speaking to him at great lengths on several occasions, I can say for sure he is a very different person then he was twenty years ago. However, his eyes tell me he used to be a piece of work.

Before the film ended, his final statement was something along the lines of, “All I can do is tell the truth. If they don’t let them out of prison, or exonerate the five, at least I can look in the mirror and say, I tried.”  Now even knowing he is no longer the same animal, this had me wondering: can devils wear halos?

He had no incentive to do the right thing, and nothing to gain. If anything, it hurt his chances of ever being free. The truth was at least inconvenient, as he just  went from a run of the mill murderer, to the cities most hated rapist. Even if it was the only good thing he ever did in his utterly heinous life, it was a bigger act of samaritanism than most can ever lay claim to.  Now here comes the million-dollar question ? When is enough, enough? At what point can you forgive someone that used to be so foul and so evil, there isn’t even a name that would correctly fit them.

Human beings make lots of horrible choices, some of them can be forgiven, most of them aren’t. Sometimes their deeds are so foul they couldn’t be forgiven if they repented for one hundred lifetimes. I am not referring to Reyes. I’m talking about the filthy prosecution for going ahead with that trial, even after they realized it was not those five kids. The District Attorney is portraying the white hat wearing arm of justice, yet she knowingly sent five children to rot, get abused, and possibly killed just to save face.