To Tell The Truth

And let’s not forget the decorated police officers that patted themselves on the back for cracking the case. Nice work fellas. Aside from scoring zero on ethics, you invented perps and nailed them to the cross. This easily topped the whole (Abner Louima) thing without getting a shitty nightstick. They should have been labeled pedophiles because they fucked five children.

In the end, here is the casualty scorecard: one woman was brutally raped and beaten. Five innocent children were falsely imprisoned. One District Attorney built a career and even coined a seductively repellant narrative that launched “wilding.” And just when you thought you had seen it all, four detectives upped their batting average by hitting a new low. To top it all off, the real true to life film would have flopped at the box office.

There were no winners here, just a few very successful liars and one hero.