Fifteen Things I Found Humorous in Prison

10. Putting peanut butter on the handle of someone’s cell door, then after they close it, watch as they casually smell their hand.

11. Putting Bengay in someone’s boxers while they’re in the shower, then watching them do a combination of the salsa and power walking back to their cell.

12. Lighting someone’s feet on fire while they slept. Then yelling “FIRE!”

13. Putting a lit cigar in someone’s back pocket as they’re going up the stairs, before they realize their ass is on fire they always try to scratch it first.

14. Putting baby powder under someone’s pillowcase. The next morning at breakfast they look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man from  Ghostbusters.

15. Making Metamucil pancakes complete with chocolate Exlax melted on top. They really do taste like chocolate and it isn’t too bad with syrup. However, the first bubble is an issue.