Screams from the Darkness

A scream reverberated through the darkness. Its final destination was a part of my ear that still remains inanimate. The sound of it surely must have risen the newly departed. They stir in their silk-lined resting places, dressed in an outfit to die for. Was someone’s mind straining to cast loose it’s demons? Or were hellish beings attempting to infiltrate it; bringing with them an instant barrage of hallucinatory camera shutters. His brain’s version of CNN, rattling off a series of still photos. “Click” a bright orange muzzle flash.

A faint silhouette emerges from its smoke filled barrel. “Click,” standing next to a young Chinese man in Tiananmen Square. “Click, click, click,” a bomb attached to a young boy’s midsection in Palestine. “C L I C K,” slower now, the pieces soar through the air in a perfect arc. “Click,” his limbs gently pitter-patter, falling like a spring rain.

“Click,” a white lab coat. “Click,” under a glass slide, one of the round dots is not quite the same as the others. “CLICK.” Focus. It’s still not spherical. “Click, click,” most of the black dots are half eaten, the rest are being devoured by Pac-man. The high-pitched wail continues. It’s obvious the demons are entering because if they weren’t it would be dead silent. His bent mind is at the point of no return.