Winter Games

Many of you have noticed “Zap Tales” are morphing into “Prison Tales.” As to be perfectly honest my memories of when I walked amongst you are evaporating as fast as a pot smoking Alzheimer’s patient. There are only so many drunk monkeys to go around in one’s lifetime. However, since you enjoy reading my Tales I will continue.

In “The Combination” I mentioned the winters here at Clinton are downright brutal. If you go out at night without a reason I think you should be instantly drug tested.

On a normal night I:

(1) Work out to stay in some kind of shape and just to keep my blood flowing.

(2) I call my comfortable, adult Honey Boo-Boo Wife to hear a caring voice. She is getting upset with me for calling her that, but in my defense I don’t use drugs, gamble, cheat, pee on the seat, leave the house a mess, and she knows where I am at night. So she should be able to deal with pet names.