Winter Games

I know I’m not nuts, at least not the kind of nuts where you see people that aren’t there. Now I have to wonder if there is a Yeti somewhere in the yard, grabbing convicts. Several minutes later, I notice there are six people once again behind me. I was about to ask one of them if I was insane, and if they had been there all along, when two C.O.’s come running out of the bubble and jump feet first into the snow bank behind me. Now I think the whole place is going crazy – until I clearly hear the snow bank yell out!

Another C.O. rushes to the back of the pile and reaches into what I thought was a small hole where the snow had melted, and pull out an inmate with his pants around his ankles! Just when I thought I had seen everything imaginable in prison,  an igloo love nest  is added to the list!  Taking the whole winter wonderland thing to a new level.

In the end, six half-naked gay people got dragged out. Two or three scooted out of a separate escape tunnel, and yours truly is watching this unfold, wondering if my open-minded unsheltered wife is going to believe this one. As god knows, there is no holding this story back. Now just seeing a pile of snow has me thinking of half-naked old gay dudes with their pants around their ankles.

God I can’t wait for summer!