“Another What If “

Perhaps it would have made better reading if he had released the sting ray unharmed after taking a look at its smiling mouth. However, as I also wrote many fish for food, and this ray was necessary for his families survival. It was an honorable way to put food on their table. There is no fairy tale ending, instead I had to add my adopted son’s story to the pile of “what if’s,” floating aimlessly in my head. I had no choice to ponder, what could he have grown into if he went out to sea regularly with the same humanitarians we both initially encountered. Unlike myself, he could have easily escaped his prison journey with more time at sea.

I am not certain of the numerous “what if’s.” I am positive by the time I receive these kids, they are already broken human beings just trying to exist in a world far darker than the one they discarded. My final “what if” is, before they unravel, what if you-the reader-gave one of these kids a chance? Your compassion, or a drop of your time could go a long way towards helping a troubled, disadvantaged darkly influenced young person. You probably will never be recognized or appreciated for doing this good deed, but it might prevent an entirely different set of questions, as the next batch of “what if’s”… might be your own.