Release The Hounds

“Holy Shit”… I don’t gamble, but I would bet my last pack of smokes, the C.O. doing the count the morning of June 6 recited something along these lines — or far worse! As for releasing actual blood hounds to track the escaped convicts, that came much later.

The first thing the C.O.’s must have done was begin by searching nearby cells. This was prior to finding a neatly cut hole and making that dreaded call to the administration. As in many instances, inmates have been discovered cowering in another inmate’s cell after a “sleep over.” In cases such as this, the convicts are publicly ridiculed; then taken straight to the hole. It’s actually quite comical to witness this first hand, especially after alleged tough guys are caught in a compromising position.

I vividly recall such an incident, where during an unexpected 2a.m. count, the entire tier was awakened by a C.O. screaming, “break it up.” We all assumed two bunkmates got into it late one night and decided to lock horns. We soon found out they locked horns, except they were buck naked lying side by side as they locked them.

Their defense was that they had fallen asleep while watching T.V. and were “only” spooning! The C.O. wrote on the infraction that after catching them having sex, and after giving them a direct order to break it up, the trailblazer waved the officer off stating, “we’re already caught” and didn’t miss a stroke. Things of this nature happen more than most would imagine in prison.

As for myself I don’t like boys, and have never been involved in a (Shawshank Redemption) style prison break. In spite of this, I did manage to escape briefly prior to being brought to court. After being run over by a marked patrol car, “that sucked” and after being chained to the inside of a cell like Jesus Christ on the cross, instead of finding freedom at the end of a manhole cover ; I received another 4 years attached to my already lengthy sentence.