The Old Days

I often look back at the past, and contemplate the changes in things through time and ponder the differences. I vividly recall when I was a kid, all my playmates and I had G.I. Joe dolls. To try not to sound girlish they were referred to as action figures. If you were one of the lucky kids, yours came with the kung fu grips.

The only one available video game was Pong. I fondly remember sitting there for hours watching the little square ball bouncing between two white sticks. It would be boring by today’s standards but, was very entertaining at the time. At least back then there was no such thing as A.D.D. It was just a simple case of someone giving little Johnny too many sweets and he’d have a sugar rush. Back then kids were content playing outside with a new Sponge ball, not with a computer.

Remember bath night?  Squirting water into your sibling’s face with the hose from the rubber contraption hanging from the showerhead. Your Mother would walk in and scream while you wondered why your kid brother’s breath now smelled like a dead goldfish left in vinegar. It’s all so different today, where children now demand their privacy. And things that are private now come in small boxes.