The Old Days

Remember when Kotex was as big as a twin size mattress? So were the bloomers they were attached to. As for bloomers, no one wears them anymore; but when did it become ok to be two hundred and fifty pounds overweight and have your thong clearly showing, with two ass cheeks holding the material in its own kung fu grip.

Speaking of bigger, let’s not forget the hairdos either. We have all seen pictures of Mom’s beehive, and – some of you reading this won’t admit to it – but actually have worn one. When did bad weaves become ok? Or were we not supposed to notice you left the house with a bob and came home looking like Rapunzel after she got caught in an electrical storm?

Remember old cars?  They were built like tanks with shiny chrome and classic lines. I also vividly remember there was no A.C. in a lot of them. On a hot day, you could lose the top three layers of skin from your back or legs if you had shorts on getting out of one. So next time someone tells you how great the old days were – remember bath night before you answer them.