Clams On Ice

I’m married, and if this union had taken place in the free world, it would have been just another legal coupling among a sea of others. However, there are people out amongst you, that along with not agreeing that I should be allowed to express myself through writing, are completely against the idea of convicts being afforded the sanctity of marriage. If you give this any thought its a twisted way of thinking, especially considering many of us will once again be walking amongst you.

The Department Of Corrections agrees with my theory, that it is a better idea to have an inmate leave prison with some type of family structure as opposed to having convicts act like animals for decades, only to be released to nobody and nothing. To create, and keep these family bonds intact, the Family Reunion Program was developed which I am allowed to participate in. Along with spending time with my significant other, it also keeps me weighing the pro’s and con’s of beating someone half to death, or doing anything else that could jeopardize me losing this privilege.

I stay out of mischief, and don’t feed into the snide comments from those that think I should not be married in the first place, and if anything it just drives me to be a better husband. My only concern is making my wife smile on a regular basis. Taking this a step further, I never allow myself to take what I have for granted.