Instead of walking around oblivious since the dawn of time, man has questioned damn near everything in existence; from why the sky is blue, to the meaning of life itself, and everything in between.

Science says the skies are dark blue from the reflection of our oceans and from a biblical standpoint, whichever church services you choose to attend, your guy did all the rest. The above answer almost forces me to mix science with swami, and I can tell you, incense and microscopes don’t mix. So I will leave that particular “why” question for someone else’s story.

Many of you (and me for that matter) don’t give our own personal “why” factor much thought. We go through the motions of life with a set of over sized blinders on. However, with my aging body locked safely away in a cage, and my mind locked in its own place, I have had plenty of time to wonder, “why”.

Here are a few I got off my personal list of favorite, “whys”.

Why is it I often see my prison sentence as a glass half-full, instead of half-empty?

Why did it take me the better part of my life to gain clarity?

Why did it take only a moment to realize why I didn’t want clarity in the first place?

Why did I numb all of my senses, when it was only my eyes that saw too much?

Why do I have to watch my daughter make the same mistakes she saw me make?

Why does my Mother’s nickname Dilemma fit so perfectly?

Why do I have to be understanding of people simply because we share a bloodline?

Why don’t I want to get into anything regarding my honey boo-boo Wife?

Why do I go through life as though it was a game of chess?

Why, after not wasting a second, did I realize I discarded decades?

Why is it when I am lied to, I have to know all the details even though it hurts more?

Why do I become upset over things I have no control over?

Why do I worry about damaging someone if they are already broken?

Why did I pray for humility instead of freedom?

Why did I have to think I was dying before I actually practiced being humble?

Why can’t I come up with a crafty ending to this?