A Zap Tale Night Before Christmas

A Zap Tale Night Before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas
And all through the jail
The convicts were locked in
And madder then hell

Except for the perverts
Laid back in their bunks
Heads filled with pictures
Of cute little chumps

When out from the yard
There arose such a roar
That the cops thought it was
A riot for sure

The goon squad assembled
Just itching to bat
As the big guard yelled out
Who started this spat

It came from the yard
Yelled out a fat snitch
It must be a brawl
Oh, son of a bitch

They ran to the yard
By way of the door
And found a sex freak
Just looking to score

Yet instead of eight reindeer
He was ready to tackle
A bunch of C.O.’s
Bent, holding their ankles

No, No yelled the dude
You don’t understand
I brought you good cheer
From the like’s of a man

Alright you pervert
Get your hands on the wall
They shook him down good
Ass-dick-balls and all

Now all of the chumps
Dreaming of dick
Can forget about Christmas
As they beat up Saint Nick