Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

My Grandmother baking with a wooden rolling pin, The smell of freshly baked honey balls with candy confetti. Honey stuck to my hands and face while swearing I didn’t eat any.

A blizzard Christmas morning, My Grandfather sweeping mountains of snow with a house broom, Which proved to me only foolish people had snow blowers.

My Grandmother standing on a chair handing out dollar bills, getting on the line more than once. Thinking no one noticed me the first five times.

Hot Chestnuts after dinner, cracking nuts with a wooden soldier nut cracker. Trying to find the hidden button which brought it to life.

Blinking white lights on a whiter artifical plastic tree, amazed how it had more of a pine smell then the real one’s

A snow globe with an endless supply of flakes. Years before Jax bashed someone’s head in with one.

Red and Green M & M’s, Hershey kisses in gold foil, figuring out the hard way not to bite the foil.

A water ford crystal vase, A serving tray shaped like a Christmas tree. Breaking the vase years later and blaming my sister, “I’m an only child”.

Bird ornaments with actual feathers on it, Homemade ornaments with pins.

My Grandmother waking me Christmas morning, dogs in Santa hats helping her.

Finding hidden presents in the trunk of the car, getting coal in my stocking , finding jewelry next to the coal.

Hot wheels cars, and Tonka trucks made out of metal.

A giant pile of coats on the bed, hiding under the pile wearing mink earmuffs and a headband like Doctor Zhivago .

The dog eating tinsel off the tree, The balls jingling and falling as he eats it. Seeing tinsel in the dogs shit.

Watching Miracle On 34Th Street, Mighty Joe Young and Babes In Toy Land, like we never saw them before. Quoting a line from it 40 years later.

A red fuzzy tree skirt, A poinsettia plant, and wondering why we didn’t have trains.

Getting a Zillion gifts and having more fun popping the bubble wrap from the packaging.

Chocolate coins in a yellow net bag, Christmas place mats and a Fruitcake no one ever ate.

Revolving lights that changed colors next to the tree, wondering whatever happened to the missing bulb.

Waking up to eat a piece of pie, only to find a fork already in the half eaten pie.

Holiday address labels, wondering why Easter seals was advertising for Christmas.

The dog bashing ornaments with his tail, just as Bing Crosby sang White Christmas.

A table of food that never ended, realizing Octopus actually did have eight arms and very much believing they snatched bad children with the Boogeyman..

Being able to cherish each of these moments for a lifetime… Merry Christmas